Soul Vitamins

Part 1

Turn on your sound for music with words that may mean much to you. They are easy and full of meaning.

To learn a refrain from one or two of them will help you hum or sing them in your mind and heart. This will help you live closer to God. “In His Presence”

Don’t be bashful about singing with others. God has given each of us a voice. We learn to sing by listening to the melody and trying to match it. After You try this way of praying feel free to E mail me and let me know if you like it.


  1. Spread the News

  2. Praise

  3. Miracles

  4. Look to the Future

  5. Receiving All as Brothers

  6. Joy, Allelu

  7. Come

Part 2

Just as our bodies need food for growth, so our soul needs daily nourishment from reading and praying the Sacred Scriptures.  Soul Vitamins is meant to provide thoughts for you to think and pray about.  Hope these vitamins help you “taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Ps. 34: 8

Perhaps it will serve you best if you take just one vitamin per day.  There are some here now; others will be added as time advances.  Here’s to your spiritual health.

I will be pleased to read your Emails.
Sister Margaret

List of Soul Vitamins

  1. Love flows like a river
  2. Time disappears
  3. Gospel spells Good News
  4. Faith…an action verb
  5. You have not chosen Me
  6. Baaaa, baaaa
  7. Come Unto Me
  8. “Yes,” In Surrender

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