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SKY HIGH: More Than Fantasy

Sister Margaret Sutton RSM


    "Dad," I said as our flight home was nearly over, "it was great being on a retreat with kids and hiking in the Mountains. Thanks a bunch for letting me go."

    "May I have your attention, please? " the pilot asked. We have a short delay, with instructions to circle over Houston till it's our turn to land. Thanks for flying with us."

    "The Mass we had at the close of our retreat was the best, Dad," I continued. "It was like Jesus was right there with us. Well, He really was. Father John said so often that the bread and wine were changed into the Body and Blood of Jesus, and that He was truly present. It reminded me of when we were preparing for First Holy Communion."

    Just then the interior lights were lowered. Now the city was aglow as we circled around. Being near the window I could see the lights blinking, moving, and spinning off colors. It was fantastic!

    "Wow!" I said aloud.

    "Pretty impressive, isn't it? I enjoy the lights every time I fly at night," dad said. "In fact their beauty makes me wonder what the Eternal City will be like."

    A new thought for me---the eternal city. Now two of us were wondering. Eternal City---that's where God lives, I thought. Upon landing, we drove home. I was getting excited. As we pulled into the garage my dog Ruff jumped all over me. In fact Mom couldn't get to the door first. It was great to be greeted by a friend who's overjoyed to see you. I was glad to be home and hear Mom’s voice again. I missed her.

    In my sleep that night I had a dream that took place in the Eternal City. The memory never leaves me---at least at times when I'm quiet and prayerful. It seems to light up like a bulb shining in my heart and rings out as though it were real. I can't describe the setting. I guess because it wasn't important. Instead, what amazed me was the Person, the Light of the World, and…just being there with Him

    It all started with someone saying to me as she gestured. "See that girl over there? Well she's mentally handicapped and so she can't receive Communion yet. But we're helping her and it won't be long." The girl appeared to be about sixteen, and oh, so dainty and attractive. I felt peace within me, just being quiet. Then... did time pass? Oops, I forgot. There is no time in Heaven. It seemed like the very next moment, and oh, a wonderful, visible Presence, Jesus, was there. Since He radiated so much light, I could only see His Hands; they held the Sacred Host. When He beckoned the young girl to Him she longingly responded and received the Host, Jesus, into her heart. This was her first Holy Communion.

    Though a brightness flooded the room, I could still see clearly. And I'm glad, because that girl began to dance. Twirling gracefully, stepping lightly, sprinting, bending, or moving her arms and hands with ease, she showed clearly the joy that was hers. She was expressing her thanks and praise.

    She danced to the other side of the room, (really, there were no walls---just space), turned to face us and began to sing. It was then that I realized unusual music was forming a background for a beautiful choir. It was so much more than earthly music, but I can't describe it; it was truly heavenly. As if this were not all that one's heart could hold, there was more.

    A second girl began to dance in praise. She danced right past me but I didn't see her face. Dressed in white she gave off a soft, radiant glow. Long, shiny, golden hair flowed down over her shoulders and back, moving with every motion of her body. Gracefully she glided to join her friend in song. They burst into a harmony I shall never forget. Their faces glowed with love---the Spirit of God; I thought my heart would burst---that I couldn't hold any more. In His Presence, with wonderful praise, dancing, singing, and a heavenly choir---I marveled and clung to every moment.

    "That was a special gift of God to you," Mom said when I told her everything at breakfast time.

    "It was special. And when I receive Communion after this I'm going to make sure it is a Holy Communion. Though I can't join the singing and dancing with heavenly music still I know I can, and I will give praise and thanks to Jesus from my heart. I want to become the person He wants me to be."

O Sacrament Most Holy,
O Sacrament Divine,
All praise and all thanksgiving
Be every moment Thine!


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