Five-Session Personal Retreat

Introductory Remarks

            There are those who find life burdensome; they do not know Godís love in an experiential manner.  There are others who have experienced God and have slipped in their fervor but would like to be renewed.  Still others are always searching for deeper union with their Divine Lord and Master. 

            Because of the yearnings in the heart that can only be filled by Godís love and grace, I hope to present a series whereby individuals can set aside times on five successive days to give themselves to quiet reflection, Sacred Scripture, music, and prayer.  Choose your times ahead of time and hold to your plan. Pray daily for a personal experience of God.

It is highly recommended to print these pages.  You can then sit in your prayer chair with fewer distractions.  However, there will be links for each session for those using the computer

            The TOPICS will be as follows:

Session 1:  Jesus the Christ
Session 2:  The Fatherís Love in sending Jesus
Session 3:  The Holy Spiritís transforming power
Session 4:  Renewal of Baptism and Confirmation
Session 5:  The Holy Eucharist.                    

Suggestions and guidance will be given, but the greatest reason for success will be YOU.  Your sincerity in putting all possible distractions aside,  (which takes planning for busy people), and your consistent effort to carry through, are truly necessary.  The Heart and Will are very much a part of your decision.  You need to find a place where there will be quiet.  (If you choose a Church, you could decide on several persons making a retreat at the same time, and still be very personal.  Whatever you choose to share together, such as music, would be best decided beforehand.)  Helpful planning for those making a private retreat should also be made beforehand. Suggestions  and helps follow.


            Music meaningful to you can be chosen to fit the topic of each session.  If you choose simple prayerful songs that can ring in your heart during the day, it helps for prayer, living in God's Presence.  Some songs that are simple prayers are listed below.  (If you find there are few you know, just use others or get ideas from titles below and just sing what comes to your mind.  Make up your  own words and melodies.)  Sing from your heart.  This is your time between you and God.  The heart expressions count!!!   Relationships begin to grow or deepen.


         ďTo know God more clearly, to follow him more nearly, and to love him more dearly, day by dayĒ, as the song says.  Remember God wants this more than you do.  Reach out, for you have everything to gain.


Session One - JESUS, the CHRIST

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