I love my Jewel
      My Jewel loves me.
He gifts my soul
      And sets me free.

He bids me “Come”
       Yet comes to me,
Embraces my soul
       And shines through me.

Do you wonder at this
       As a puzzle so odd?
The Jewel who glows
       Is both man and GOD!

Jesus as man was a Jew.
EL in Hebrew means GOD.
Jesus is a Jewel


Wanting to name my word processor some years ago I found that Jewel was a meaningful word because of the meaning given above, but also because Jesus is the Word of God and He Processes everything if we allow Him to.

When we make the decision to give ourselves over to allow God to guide our lives, we also invite Him into our hearts. As we grow in faith we learn to trust Him. The word Faith is not found in the Hebrew Scriptures, but Trust is. Trust is really living out our faith, trusting in God.

When we learn to trust often we can say that we are a trusting child of God; this is what it means to be like a little child. Children trust naturally, but as we get older we have to learn to trust.

Try it and you will find much peace because God loves you and cares for you. You come to know that personally and believe it.

Thank God often for you are so blessed.



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