Thoughts About the Mysteries to Treasure:

There are ten thoughts, one for each Hail Mary.
If all five decades seem to be too long, just start with one.
Later you can add another, then another. It’s better to pray
well than to hurry through without really praying. Ask the
Holy Spirit to help you. You will grow to love Jesus and
Mary more. (If later you wish to change the lines before
each Hail Mary to be your own thoughts, you will be
really praying from your heart.) Jesus loves to receive and
answer your prayers.

The Joyful Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries

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The Joyful Mysteries

The Angel Gabriel Announces the Birth of Jesus

Mary, you are called Blessed.
Mary, you received the Angel’s message.
Mary, Thank you!
Jesus, the Holy Spirit gave you birth through Mary.
Jesus, I am so grateful.
Jesus, help me to know and love Mary more.
Jesus, your Name was announced by the angel.
“Jesus,” your Name means Savior.
Jesus, I love you!
Jesus, I adore You for You are God!

Mary Goes to Visit Her Cousin Elizabeth.

Mary, your cousin Elizabeth was also with child.
Mary, you journeyed far to visit Elizabeth.
Mary, you greeted Elizabeth; with the Holy Spirit.
“Blessed are you among women”, Elizabeth said.
Elizabeth’s unborn baby leaped for joy within her.
Elizabeth felt so blessed!
Elizabeth’s baby felt so blessed!
Mary, I too am blessed ‘cause you’re my mother.
Mary, help me to be holy like you.
Jesus, I adore You for You are God!

Jesus is Born in Bethlehem

Jesus our Savior was born in a stable.
Jesus was received with excitement and love
Angels sang songs to praise the new-born King.
Shepherds hurried to see the new-born child.
Shepherds believed and gave Jesus their hearts.
Jesus, I love you with all my heart.
Eastern Kings adored Jesus and offered Him gifts.
Jesus, You invite everyone to come to You.
Jesus, I believe in you.
Jesus, I adore You for You are God!

Baby Jesus was Presented to His Heavenly Father

Mary and Joseph took Jesus to the Temple.
Jesus, I offer myself to You.
Simeon recognized Jesus as God.
Simeon held Jesus and praised God for this great Gift.
Jesus, I too will hold You in my heart.
Mary, you received word from Simeon of future sorrows.
Mary, you accepted the sorrows as God’s plan for you
Jesus, help me to be holy and carry my crosses.
Jesus, thank You for coming to save me.
Jesus, I adore You for You are God!

…Jesus, a Boy of 12, Went to the Temple at Passover time.

Jesus was not among the travelers returning to Nazareth.
Jesus, You stayed to teach and learn the Scriptures.
Other teachers were amazed at your knowledge.
Mary and Joseph were concerned about Jesus.
On the third day they found Jesus in the Temple.
Mary told Jesus that they were worried about Him.
Jesus replied “I must be about my Father’s business”.
Jesus, teach me to do the Father’s Will, always.
Jesus, teach me to love to read the Bible..
Jesus, I adore You for You are God!


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